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Beccles SET school, Castle Hill, Beccles, NR34 7BQ - 29th July 2022
Beccles Quay field (by the bridge) - 12th August and 19th August 


Beccles FREE Sport activity Day – 29th July 2022

Beccles FREE Nature activity Day – 12th August 2022

Beccles FREE Sport activity Day – 19th August 2022

Book your place at one or more of our Activity days in Beccles.
If you are signing up more than one child, please complete a separate form for each child so we can keep medical records separate. Thank you.
Sporting activities - GoGeronimo     |     Bushcraft – Bushcrafters CIC 

Beccles – SET Beccles School, Castle Hill Beccles, NR34 7BQ (29th July 2022) – the venue is accessible via walking and
cycling and you can drop off and collect your child on Castle Hill outside the school.

​Beccles - Beccles Quay field, Fen Lane (12th August and 19th August) - the venue is accessible by walking, cycling and there is a car park. The activities will take place on the field - this is by the bridge at the Quay 


• Please bring minimal belongings like water, a coat or suncream 
• If your child or anyone in your household tests positive before a session, please do not attend the session 
• If you have tested positive following an activity, please let us know. 

We look forward to seeing you at our activity days.

* All of our summer activity days will be run in accordance with the current government's COVID-19 guidelines. *

GoGeronimo are proudly working in partnership with East Suffolk, Suffolk County Council HAF and a range of activity providers and venues 

Data will be collected by Go Geronimo and shared by Go Geronimo with the activity provider who is providing activities on the day. Monitoring data will also be shared with East Suffolk Council for evaluation purposes.

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