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Go Geronimo typically works with primary school teachers who want to take the PE in their school and their lesson delivery to the next level.

  • Do you or your teaching team feel frustrated about having to lead PE lessons with little experience?

  • Are you, or is a member of your teaching team, nervous about planning, teaching or assessing a PE lesson?

  • Do you or your colleagues struggle to raise PE lessons to a good or outstanding level?

If any of these ring true, then you are not alone.

Usually, primary school teachers have to lead the PE lessons for their class.

However, most have had very little formal training in physical education, with them spending, on average, only six hours on PE during their PGCE.

This lack of training and knowledge can lead to teachers feeling nervous, confused and even worried when taking PE classes, as research has shown.

If you want to improve the quality of your school’s PE lessons and invest your Primary PE and School Sport Premium in a sustainable manner, then there are a number of programmes available.

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