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Sports Coaching

Keeping our children fit and healthy has become a huge priority for everyone  and what better way to do it than with one of our fun packed, high energy sessions.

Your child will learn new things, make new friends and grow in confidence, and maybe even discover their new favourite sport!

Our highly qualified staff make sure that everyone who attends is looked after, while enjoying a highly professional service. We know that every child is different, and we treat our pupil's with the level of help and attention they need, meaning that no matter what your skill level, you'll progress and enjoy it just as much.

 All our staff are fully DBS checked, first aid trained and hold a child protection certificate! Our staff hold certificates in a wide range of things from football and dodgeball to clinical gym instruction, and even TaeKwon-Do. 

So to get your child booked onto one of our outstanding courses, check below to see if we're at your schools today!!

- Edward Worledge

- St. Mary's Primary

- Lynn Grove High School

- Hillside Primary

- Woodland's Primary

- Peterhouse Primary

- Short Stay School Norfolk Primary

- Homefield Primary

- Brooklands Primary

- Stradbroke Primary

- Great Yarmouth Primary

- Cobholm Primary

- Pakefield Primary

- Short Stay School Norfolk Secondary

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